Why ValuTex?

Inspiration is our goal, and our ValuTex fabric is where your inspiration will be found. All fabric featured in our Articles are for sale on Valutex.com.

The #ValuTex Inspiration

As designers, we know it can be difficult to visualize your ideas with thousands of fabric’s types/patterns to choose from.

We designed ValuTex INSPIRED to help filter the noise by putting our best-value high-end fabrics in front of you, in an effort to inspire the best in creativity.

Our Ideas, Your Inspiration

Valutex.com #Interiordesign Luxurious #Designer #Fabric Under $15

It’s thirsty Thursday  and we have some  hot new deals that will make your mouth water.  Valutex only offers  high-end designer fabric. Our goods  will outlast and outshine the competition. If you are looking for upholstery fabric, there is no need to go anywhere else. Valutex is your one-stop-shop for all of your fabric needs. …

About ValuTex-inspired

In an effort to stimulate your inner designer, Valutex created ValuTexInspired.com for those with BUDGET in mind!

Our parent company, Valutex.com, is an internationally known textile industry veteran. Valutex offers THOUSANDS of fantastically priced High-End fabrics and upholsters.

Most of fabrics are priced 50 percent below wholesale prices.